The baroque era was the "Golden Age" of the natural trumpet. The natural trumpet was designed with one or two extra holes for venting that helped out of tune notes seem harmonic. At this time, the natural trumpet was also referred to as the baroque trumpet.

Like all trumpets you see today, the baroque trumpet is part of the brass family. There are modernized reproductions of the natural trumpet that are currently used. Most musicians that choose to play a natural trumpet, or baroque trumpet, use them for the purpose of reenactment.

Another popular way to use this modernized natural trumpet is to use it in era pieces. There are many specialized bands and orchestras that focus solely on one time era pieces.

Due to its special construction, the baroque trumpet produces a very unique sound. The mouthpiece is pushed into the receiver, which is attached to tubing that is long and referred to as the first yard. It then travels down to a short connector called the ferrule.

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