As an American jazz trumpeter that played for the Duke Ellington Orchestra for many years, Cat Anderson had a huge range of greater than five octaves and he played wonderfully on the higher registers.

Cat Anderson had a rough start as a kid and he grew up in Jenkins Orphanage, which is where he learned to play the trumpet. After his debut with the Carolina Cotton Pickers, he went on to play with Sabby Lewis’s Orchestra, Claude Hopkins’ Big Band and many more.

In 1944, his career took on a whole new meaning when he joined Duke Ellington’s orchestra. In that orchestra he played up to triple C on the high register and he performed through many different jazz styles. He was an all around excellent trumpeter who even mastered half valve mute playing. He spent most of his life playing for Duke Ellington’s Orchestra with a few failed attempts at starting his own big band. In 1981 he died of a brain tumor.

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