Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie

John Birks Gillespie, also known as Dizzy Gillespie, was an American jazz trumpeter who was born in 1917. He was known for many things, but one of his most notable aspects was that he influenced and taught many of the great trumpeters that we know today, including Fats Navarro, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, John Faddis, Arturo Sandoval and Lee Morgan.

Another noteworthy aspect of Dizzy Gillespie’s career was the founding of Afro-Cuban jazz. He adopted this version of Jazz from Jelly Roll Morton and he made it more modern by using his improvisational skills. He made this style reflect a whole new feel and complexity in composition. Dizzy Gillespie’s complete character helped define him, along with bebop.

Throughout the years, he had many accomplishments and played many venues while traveling around entertaining and teaching. He will forever be remembered for his wonderful style, his friendly demeanor and his bent horn.

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