Maurice Murphy was born in 1935 and became a very well known British musician. From 1977 all the way to 2007, he played the principal trumpet for the London Symphony Orchestra.

Before the London Orchestra, he played in various brass bands in Yorkshire such as the Black Dyke Mills Band for five years (1956-1961). He then made a switch to more orchestral work by joining the Halle, La Mer Orchestra and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

Maurice Murphy can be significantly noted on tracks from Superman, Star Wars, Gangs of New York Raiders of the Lost Ark (the movie), Reign of Fire, Johnny English and more. He had a solo in Mr. Holland’s Opus as well. The list of appearances and solos goes on and on.

Although he officially retired from London Symphony Orchestra in 2000, he worked on contract until June 2007 when he officially retired.

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