Amati, a name that has been around for 180 years, has an amazing and fun trumpet model, the Amati rainbow Bb trumpet. The company Amati manufactures instruments that have a quick response time and produce spot on intonation.

The mouthpiece is a focus of the Amati rainbow Bb trumpet as it is tapered and allows for a better flow of air into the instrument. This is what largely impacts the playability of an instrument. When speaking of student or intermediate level skills, this is very important because better tone and intonation will help the student progress, learn and not be discouraged.

Overall, the Amati rainbow Bb trumpet has a redesigned outer appearance taking on many colors such as red, blue, gold and a few colors in between. The new design also has new finger buttons, top caps, braces grant and forged plates. It is a very sturdy instrument that is durable and will last for years to come.

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