If having a B&S Bb trumpet was not enough, they also have a B&S Bb silver trumpet which takes the quality another step further in the superior direction. The most famous of the B&S Bb silver models is the eXquisite Bb.

The eXquisite is a combined effort between recording artists Malcolm McNab and B&S. Malcolm McNab is featured in solos such as in Independence Day, Pretty Woman, Dances With Wolves, E.T., Men in Black, Indiana Jones and L.A. Confidential. He is also noted for his trumpet solo playing Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto on his CD “exquisite”.

The eXquisite model is silver plated, has Monel pistons, outer slides are nickel silver, 11.3 mm bore, one piece yellow brass bell with a flat rim and French bead that has been hand hammered and boxed bronze springs. There is also a stopper after the 3rd valve slide and with all combined produces an amazing sound that any professional will fall in love with.

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