B&S manufactures Bb trumpets ranging from standard top professional level. What you will notice among all of the models is the superior quality that they carry along with a beautiful sound and tone. Among the B&S Bb trumpet models, the 535-L is a standard model which comes with Monel pistons.

If you are looking for an intermediate rotary valve B&S Bb trumpet then the 3005/3TR-L model is a perfect choice. They are made up of a gold brass body and bell with valve casings made of silver and nickel. The combination of silver and nickel inner and outer slides helps for a quiet and smooth operation.

The professional models also have the smooth functioning as seen in the intermediate models but steps up with intricacy level. The quality in the professional B&S Bb trumpet models is superb and highly noted among high level players. The B&S brand is a great choice in trumpet selections.

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