B&S has a C trumpet line consisting of 5 different models. Four of the models are piston valves while the other one is a rotary valve. Each instrument has its own unique design and sound. The most popular of these models is the eXquisite C which was created with input from both B&S designers and Malcolm McNad, an L.A. recording artist that has been featured in many solos throughout his career on blockbuster movies including Men in Black, Dances with Wolves, Pretty Woman and more.

The 3136TC-L model comes with a wood case and equipped with boxed springs, one piece bell that has been hand hammered and Monel pistons. There is also a ring and stopper on the 1st valve slide and waterkey on the 3rd valve slide as well as on the main tuning side.

The rotary model, 82717-L, is a J. Scherzer professional model that includes many aspects of the other models but also has 3B ball bearing linkages to provide a barely there moving mechanism. No matter which model you get for your B&S C trumpet, you will be impressed by the quality of sound and craftsmanship.

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