Conn delivers to a range of skill levels and has plenty of Bb trumpets to choose from. Conn boasts that it has the quality of a vintage instrument but the style of a modern one. This is very apparent in the Vintage One line of Conn Bb trumpets.

All models available Bb trumpets from Conn are the 1BRGP, 1BSGP, 1BGP, 1B, 1BR, 1Bs, 1BRSPG, 1BRSP, 1BSP, 1BSSP, 52BSP, 23B, 23BW, 23 BSP, 23BN and the 23BNW. As you can see, there is a large selection for this high quality trumpet manufacturer.

The CONNstellation pro model has a patented MVW system which stands for Modular Valve Weight System that allows for flexibility in the way the instrument responds. All other parts of Conn Bb trumpet models are also of the highest quality in all aspects from the way they were constructed to the way they were tweaked and detailed.

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