The Getzen piccolo trumpet is offered in two different models. The models are the 940 Eterna Short Model Piccolo and the 3916 Custom Series Long model Piccolo. Both of the models have a four valve configuration that give free blowing instruments wonderful intonation.

The Getzen piccolo trumpet models are designed exclusively for any Baroque score and are considered a specialty horn. The short model Getzen piccolo trumpet was the first cornet model and comes standard with a shank receiver. The long model, which came after the short model, is an improved model with features that have been upgraded. There are two main design changes that took place. The first was the mouthpipe tube and the second was to include the standard trumpet shank instead of the cornet shank.

Each of these Getzen piccolo trumpet models will deliver an excellent sound quality and a robust projection when playing and is a great choice.

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